T - ACT is a platform for research and support of contemporary art production, which specializes in producing site-specific events, through the temporary involvement of institutions, heritage or post-industrial buildings that are representative for the city, in contemporary art projects. A natural extension of this orientation is the interest in events in the public space which bring to the table aspects of collective manifestation, traces of recent history, as well as the footprints left by our individual passing through space.
The interest in the memory and specificity of places, in certain samples of our past or present existence that define us irrespective of our will, comes from the need to understand the present with the side-slips from normality that can be seen taking shape.
The alternative educational implications of the undertaken projects sketch another field of interest, complementary to the academic education practiced by the two co-founders of the association, in addition to them being a visual artist (Liliana Mercioiu Popa) and a curator (Maria Orosan Telea).
The name of the association represents graphically, through the letter T, the two directions of interest - production and research, while ACT constitutes both their abbreviation and the suggestion of manifestation via concrete intervention. 

Liliana Mercioiu-Popa is a Romanian visual artist based in Tmișoara, where she teaches painting at the Faculty of Art and Design and activates in artist groups like IN-FORMAT and Avantpost. 
Her work consists of various forms of expression, from painting and drawing to installation and photography.
Her interests are nuanced through her personal view of the macro- and micro-historical contexts and the connections between various levels of reality.
In both cases, as a teacher and artist, she contributed to the creation of contexts for artistic manifestation. She coordinated students' exhibitions/interventions in specific spaces (Timco Hall, Studio 030202, Theresia Bastion), alternative spaces (ELBA Factory) or public spaces (Timişoara Arts Festival). Also, she initiated some of the Avantpost exhibitions (site-specific) such as: Conexiunea cu prezentul [Becoming Connected] at the Revolution Memorial from '89 (2015), UNIVERSALLOWED (2017) at the Batteries Factory Tower from Timişoara etc.

Maria Orosan-Telea has a background in art history and theory at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. She developed her doctoral research at the Faculty of Arts and Design from Timisoara. She specializes in contemporary art with a particular interest in post-communist. 
She has published various studies and articles in specialized journals, collective volumes and exhibition catalogs. She is the author of the books Pseudosignification and hypersignification in Romanian art after 1990 and Art Guide. Introduction to Romanian contemporary art.
As a curator, she has carried out a series of projects in collaboration with the Avantpost group, and in 2018 she founded the DRAFT Curatorial Program.
She currently works as an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Design from Timișoara and as a research assistant in the project Gender Politics and the Art of European Socialist States initiated by Adam Mickiewicz University from Poznań.


Virgiliu Street, Nr. 44, Timisoara, RO
+40 07 28981183